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The colours of melancholy

There’s a tree near my office  I pass when I get off the bus. Today that tree was a combination of greens, yellows and reds.

Anyone who follows this blog will know that I’m not an ‘outdoorsy’ type, but since moving to Dundee I’ve learned to appreciate nature visually. Dundee is, despite what people think, an extremely green city. I have a vague memory of reading about how Dundee has more parks per square foot than any other city. That may be true, or I may be remembering incorrectly, but either way, there are a lot of trees in Dundee. Continue reading

Anti-Rockwell, the Banksy wanna-be, and nude art photos

It’s dawned on me that I didn’t finish telling you the story of Friday night.

We all headed back to Edinburgh on the train. Intern2 and I spent time catching up and even reminiscing a little. Talking about what everyone has gotten up to over the last years. Boobs moved back to London and is now working as Senior Editor for the cultural section of a major newspaper. Her husband stopped working and is a stay at home Dad. Intern2 actually had Boobs do a couple of guest lectures at the Uni he was working at. NFEditor is out of jail. She didn’t spend much time in the end (if any, I think she got time spent), but she’s pretty much disappeared from the radar. Heard a rumour she runs a tea shop in some seaside town, but that’s just a rumour. She would be a fucking miserable tea lady. Goatee, part owner and manager of an art gallery in Glasgow, and HP…

I paused, because at this point I was still upset about us…I wasn’t trusting him…and I didn’t want to get too much into it. Continue reading

I’m actually proud of my sister

I was only home a few minutes last night when there was a knock on the door. It was Candy reminding me about my request to do something over the weekend, but asking if we could do it on Saturday night. I had to say ‘Yes, Saturday was fine’, but paranoia crept in all the same.

Was she stalling me to Saturday night because she was going to sneak away on Friday to see HP? But would she rush back and forth to Manchester (like 5 hours away) just to keep up the rouse? Did she and HP have sneaky online chat plans scheduled? Or, was he really in Manchester? Maybe he was up the road at a hotel and the two of them were having a sneaky affair under my nose? Continue reading

Posh Party Part 2

Right, where did I leave off? The party. Continue reading

Posh Party Part One

Fife sucks. He drank us all under the table, you couldn’t even tell he was drunk (if he was drunk) and he still got up for his morning run. How does he do it? He’s old and I’m young. I’m supposed to be the one full of energy and life. Not him. I hardly drank a think and I feel as sick as a dog. I’ve already knelt to the porcelain god twice this morning. Continue reading

Run, run, run

HarryPotter got to the office late, just as the clock ticked over to six, and the plan had been to leave the car by the office because we wouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to park in the city centre. But the torch relay was supposed to start at 6pm, so we decided to leg it. Down the Perth Road, past the Uni, past the Overgate and to where the stage for the torch was to begin. Continue reading

Theatre Weekend

Our adult weekend, came to an abrupt end due to the needs of some non-adults. I shall start from the start. Continue reading

Running away to Cathedral City

I’m just now home from a weekend away. Yup, did a bunk from work. I know that’s not cool, particularly just now as Loraine is away. But, I probably have a sick day or annual leave or something coming to me. Plus, I needed a bit of time off, just to think. So I did what all good little girls do, and I ran away to Daddy’s house to escape it all. But before I talk about a weekend with Dad (which was actually kind of uneventful), I should tell you how I ended up on a train to Newcastle. Continue reading

Easily Distracted

Today was the first day the clocks went forward and happily it wasn’t just a sunny day, but a warm day. After I rang mum, we headed down to Magdalene Green for a a lie-about. Pete brought his guitar, and we all brought the wine and the blankets. PoshPhD wasn’t going to come along because she needed to work on her thesis, but the warm air and sunshine proved too much. Continue reading

Unnecessarily Long Post about a Weekend in St Andrews (and other things)

I am so behind in my blog. I meant to write last night when I got home, but was distracted by a house full of people. Then I meant to blog at lunch today, but never got to my cafe to write. So, here I am sitting on the futon mattress on the floor in the lounge trying to get caught up on the last three-ish days. Continue reading