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Early days in the life of a publishing intern.

So far, so good

We’re staying in a little B&B not too far from my new flat, but before we checked in we drove by and looked at my flat from the outside. The area seems okay. There’s a Co-Op down the road, and the street is fairly clean. Continue reading

A Car Full of My Stuff

Dad just left the house with his car full of my stuff. The whole situation was just awful. Continue reading

Once I’ve Actually Moved

Today was fairly shit. I packed and unpacked, and then shuffled stuff around, and packed again. I’m still not sure exactly what I should bring. What’s too much stuff and what’s not enough? Continue reading

I got the flat

I got the flat! I’m moving to Dundee! Yippie, I got the flat. Continue reading

Dundee not so shit…maybe

ShopMum sent me this BBC link today. It’s about how Dundee isn’t that shit, or, actually, it’s an article that claims that at some point in the very near future Dundee will no longer be shit. Maybe I made the right decision.

(Although the Sarah Glynn person in the article sounds like a negative nelly and hopefully she’s wrong, because I’m moving their permanently. Eeeek.)

Dundee or London? Let fate decide

It all began where most major life decisions begin – at the work Christmas party. The deadline had passed for telling the Agency my decision: move to Dundee or take the job in London. I knew I needed to make a decision, but I just couldn’t deal with it. But I also knew that if I didn’t make up my mind soon, I’d lose the job opportunity all together. Continue reading

Drink-emailing, the silent killer

I regressed last night. I hate to admit it, but it happened. I had thought I matured. A bit of living away from home, a bit of travel, a serious job offer on the horizon, all experiences making me much more wise and self-aware. I thought I had learned from my silly past mistakes, I am now a grown-up who is impervious to over-emotional childish instincts. Continue reading