The internship and the council house

Two big bits of family news today. Katie went and talked to the people she had been doing an internship with, and they had already replaced her. However, some how she has blagged her way into a paid job with them. I have no idea how she has quit a volunteer job for ‘something better’ then manages to make them beg her to return. Sometimes I’m not sure that we have the same genes.

Other big news is that mum got the approval to buy the house. She actually received the okay nearly three weeks ago, but she didn’t tell me. Which kind of pisses me off, but she said she wanted to think about it without me pushing her. What’s there to push? I’m giving her a deposit so she can own her own home and not get kicked out? Anyway, she had a deadline to take the offer, so she’s finally told me. And, thank god, she’s buying the house. We already have the mortgage approved based on the discount we were hoping for, so all should go pretty quickly from here. Mum’s talking to the bank tomorrow. I’m kind of nervous that she’s talking to the bank on her own – not that I could help her in anyway – but she gets so flustered. I wish I could be there. But, I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Spent the evening at Goatee’s. He made an amazing meal. Carmel brazed pork medallions with a lovely walnut side dressing and a spinach and tomato salad. Mon dieu he’s an amazing cook. We watched an old Humphrey Bogart film, the African Queen, after dinner. He suggested I crash in the extra bedroom, but I wanted my PJs and to wash my make-up off. So much for his wife leaving him to have the house to himself. Then again, even I know Goatee hates to be alone. There was no way he was going to roam around an empty house for a week.

Film and boss deconstruction

Goatee and I went and saw Mockingjay last night. What an amazing series. I could never get into the books too much, mostly because they are written in first person present tense and that drives me crazy. But the films I am really into. I leave the theatre feeling totally fearless and like I can take on the world. (And the films aren’t as gory as the books.) Continue reading

The night in with my ex

Inspired by Sarah’s bargain charity finds, I decided to spend my day on the hunt for a thrifty little number for Donna’s wedding. Unfortunately, Sunday was not the best day for this, as most of the charity shops were closed. Wandered into few boutiques as well and I’ve bought this gorgeous purple dress that’s got a cinched waist and is quite flitty on the bottom. Kind of like a fifties style, with this scooped neckline that cuts from shoulder to shoulder.

As it wasn’t a second hand bargain, I paid way too much, so not taking off the tags for a while. Need to really have a think about whether or not I need a new dress.

When I got back to the flat, I found Goatee. Bag of groceries on the counter and head in the fridge. (As in Goatee rummaging through the fridge, not a human head sitting in a fridge.) Continue reading

Back in the rainy city

I’ve spent the morning reading and now I’m out for a late morning (okay, early afternoon) coffee, and I guess I should finally fill you in on how I’ve come to live in Glasgow…sort of.

After Giles had his rant at the Intern on Thursday, it got me thinking about my time as an intern. It was such a valuable experience. I learned about publishing (albeit the hard way) and, more importantly, I learned about office politics. I learned that the ‘real world’, as Giles likes to put it, is filled with arseholes, and that just because they are every where it doesn’t mean we should put up with someone being a bully–or, even worse in my case, using you as a scape goat. Continue reading

The single mum and all her bags

Had a good day with Sarah. The plan was to meet in town, and I would watch the kids while she went Christmas shopping. She confessed that since she didn’t have hardly money, and the kids were too little to appreciate Christmas, she was going to get her presents at the charity shops. And this made my heart sink. Continue reading

Old offices and new intern

Right, temporarily living in Glasgow…sort of.

Let me start with what happened last Thursday morning.

Giles came storming into the office because he found out that the Intern was doing all her hours for the week over two days, and he told her it wasn’t acceptable. (She usually works Monday and Tuesday, but changed to Thursday and Friday this week, but he thought she was still working every morning.)

Then in front if everyone he bollocked her saying that he’s gone out of his way to give her this opportunity, and she needs to take it seriously, and that ‘in the real world you can’t just choose your schedule.’ He then says, ‘if you were working at Tescos you couldn’t choose the days you work.’ Continue reading

Another friend marries

Donna proposed to her girlfriend. We all saw that coming, but what I didn’t expect was a short engagement. I have another wedding to attend in a month. Should be a good shin-dig though. The big question is what to wear and who’s next? At this age it seems like everyone is getting hitched. Doesn’t look like it will be me.